PC Gamer’s Query: How to Pick the Right Game

For PC Gamers and enthusiasts, picking the right game is a pretty tough challenge. Looking at the title, the graphics, and the gameplay isn’t really enough to gauge the quality of a game and shouldn’t be the only reasons for you to go and buy one. Remember that you’re not only trying to satisfy your desire to play a game, you are also spending money and time throughout the shopping process. So, before you take out your wallet and purchasing a game, be sure to review and take note of the following things:

Black Ops 2 Gameplay

  1. The Game Should Have What You Are Looking For

What are you looking for in a certain PC game? Does it need to have action or a plot? Or do you prefer those casual types of game? Decide on the genre and other specifications you want a game to have before you start shopping for one. Even if you are an all-around type of gamer, that’s still not an excuse to impulsively buy a game just because it’s a new release or it’s a game everyone is raving about.

  1. Check Game Reviews

It is always a good idea to check out game reviews before making a purchase decision. Why? Simply because reviews give you an idea as to what you can expect from the game and whether it really is worth spending time and money on.

There are also instances wherein game developers give out free game demos or previews for gamers to try out. Not only this is a marketing and promotional tactic, but it’s also a good way of getting a glimpse of what a game has to offer without buying it. In the case of online games, they usually offer alpha and beta testing before the official launch of the game.

Thief Game

  1. Check Game Availability in Your Area

Not all games can be played in your area or country. In case you are not aware, there are some games that are not allowed to be played or distributed in particular countries for various reasons. There is also a possibility that the game in question is set to be released in your area at a later date, which means you’ll have to wait.

If you are aware of such restrictions, it may be best to skip the game or wait for its official release in your region. Buying the game ahead of time from an international source doesn’t really count. You might only end up disappointed when the game fails to run on your PC. Game restrictions are common in online games, especially region-locked servers.

  1. Wait for a Discount

Just like clothes or any other consumer item, PC games are also offered at discounted prices from time to time, both in online shops and local gaming stores. Although it is indeed exciting to buy a game on its release date, you may want to save a good deal of money by waiting for special sales.

Chivalry Game

Final Verdict

By checking out game reviews and carefully looking at the game features, you are sure to come to the right decision when shopping for PC games. Good luck and happy gaming!

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Keeping Dogs as Pets

Dogs are one of the well-loved animals. They are friendly, gentle, smart, adorable, and loving; undeniably, they are the best deal man could ever made.  The connection between humans and dogs can be traced centuries ago, making them earn the title as man’s best friend. Having dogs as pets are awesome; they make life a little brighter. But despite all the good things that dogs can give you, keeping them as pets also have pitfalls. Here are common advantages and disadvantages of keeping dogs as pets:

Advantage: Dogs Are Great Companions

There is no denying that dogs make great companions. You can always count on them to stick with you no matter what happens. They are always willing to play with you, run with you or just sit with you quietly while you let your thoughts wander.

Dog Companion

Dogs are also excellent fitness partners; they help motivate you to be fit not by cheering you every time you exercise but by accompanying you while you sweat off. With their warm hugs and wet, sloppy kisses dogs can certainly lift your mood whenever you are down and comfort you. With dogs, you will always be assured that you will not be lonely.

Disadvantage: Owning Dogs Needs Time Commitment

Just like owning other pets, keeping dogs is a big responsibility. Although dogs do not really require high maintenance compared to other pets, they still have a lot of basic needs such as food, grooming, exercise and attention that you have to provide. If you are a busy person, owning a dog can definitely cause problems not just on your part but on your dog’s part as well.

Fostering Dogs

Having a dog requires you to spend a lot of time with him; he needs to be bathed, fed on time, and taken on regular walks to keep him fit. If you really think that you do not have enough time for yourself because you have a lot of obligations to perform, then it would be best not to own dogs. Wait until you have a lot of leisure time before deciding to keep dogs.

Advantage: Dogs Can Protect You

Protective Dog

Having dogs at home can give you a secured feeling especially against burglars and other unwanted intruders. Their bark is a sign that they have sensed something unusual or a stranger is approaching your house. Dogs, with their keen sense, know when you are in danger and they would definitely warn you against it through barking or growling. Ever since they are puppies, it seems like they are programmed to protect you and keep you safe.

Disadvantage: Keeping Dogs Are Quite Costly

Costs of Owning a Dog

Having dogs as pets requires you to spend a lot of money for their needs such as food, shampoo, soaps, vaccines and many more. If you are not earning that much or if you are having financial issues as of the moment, having a pet dog is not for you. Dogs are just like kids; they need to be taken care of properly and that means you have to spend a wad of cash to keep them strong, healthy, and beautiful.

Keeping dogs certainly have a list of advantages and disadvantages but having them as pets is absolutely the best deal man can ever make. Just make sure that you are ready for the responsibilities of owning them; it’s definitely hard but your pet dog will surely make it worth it.

Busting the Myth: Why Shouldn’t I Wait for Special Occasions to Wear My Sexy Lingerie?

Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie makes a woman feel extra beautiful and sexy, helps boost her self-confidence, and makes her feel every bit a woman. But despite all these benefits that wearing lingerie can give, some women do not wear it unless something is worth celebrating. Women wait for special occasions to happen before wearing their sexiest lingerie because they want to make things even more special. But the truth is, women should not wait for the next thing to happen before wearing their sheer and lacy undergarments. Make lingerie an everyday part of your ensemble. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t wait for special occasions to flaunt your lingerie:

Life Is Too Short

Life Is Too Short

‘’Always wear your best lingerie, as life is too short to keep it for a special occasion.”

-Mishelle Quinn-Jackman, Blogger

We have always been reminded how short our life is and we should live it to the fullest. The same goes when it comes to wearing lingerie. We shouldn’t wait for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays or even on your wedding night. Dig into your lingerie closet and don’t wait anymore for the next special occasion to happen just to wear your sexiest lingerie because life is definitely too short. Go all out now with your favorite lingerie and make every day a special occasion.

Glamorous Should Be an Everyday Feeling

I love it when you can go about your daily business with the knowledge that you have a little secret of your own on underneath.”

-Dita Von Teese, Fashion Icon

Wearing lingerie can definitely make us feel glamorous, so why not make it an everyday feeling? Instead of waiting for special occasions, let’s be glamorous even during ordinary days. Even when you are just staying home all day or doing some errands, spice up your day by wearing something sexy underneath your clothes. Feeling glamorous even during ordinary days can actually help boost your self-confidence and make you step a little bit higher. Always remember that a woman who exudes confidence has the potential to make it to the top. Again, don’t wait for special occasions to be glamorous; make it an everyday feeling.

You’ll Never Know

If you’re wearing lingerie that makes you feel glamorous, you’re halfway there to turning heads.”

-Elle Macpherson, Australian supermodel and actress

You’ll never know if today might be a lucky day for your love life and when that happens, you definitely won’t look sexy if you are wearing floral cotton undies or even grandma panties. The future definitely is a big guessing game; we’ll never know what life will throw at us, and so it’s best to be prepared. Wearing a sexy lingerie everyday will you make feel glamorous and beautiful, it will also make you be prepared to turn heads.

Special Ocassion

Lingerie shouldn’t be worn only during special occasion, girls should remember that. Nothing should stop you from wearing that sexy lingerie. Always remember that life is too short, wear your best lingerie everyday!

Lingerie Facts: Frequently Asked Questions about Bras

Bras are part of a woman’s daily essentials and they definitely play an important role in our lives. One of the things that signal a girl’s coming-of-age, a bra covers and supports your breasts while enhancing their shape and size at the same time. Women may be considered as experts where bras are concerned, but you may still have a number of questions about bras that are left unanswered. Below are some frequently asked questions about bras, some of which may be running through your mind right now.

What type of bra should I wear?

Bra Types

When choosing the type of bra to wear, consider the dress or top you plan to wear for the day. If you are planning to wear a tight sweater, you can choose a seamless, uplifting bra. For a halter or strapless type of dress/top, a strapless bra would be ideal. For a business suit without a blouse, choose a bra with a low center panel or front closure. The type of bra you wear depends greatly on the outfit you plan to wear.

What is the difference between a demi bra and a push-up bra?

Demi Bra Design

The main function of a demi bra is to lift and enhance the bust line; it also gives your breasts a great shape under the clothes you are wearing. You could also make the demi bra your everyday bra, since they are made from fiber fill and they provide a high level of comfort. Push-up bras, on the other hand, are made with padding and demi cups. The padding provides extra fullness to your breasts as well as a deep cleavage. They are best reserved for special occasions.

What is the difference between a nursing bra and a maternity bra?

Nursing Bra

A maternity bra is especially designed for women who are pregnant. The breasts of a pregnant woman undergo a lot of changes; they become heavier, bigger, and more sensitive. A maternity bra helps you adjust to these changes by providing enough comfort. A nursing bra is designed for mothers who are breastfeeding. This type of bra provides easy access to the nipple when it’s time to nurse your infant.

How often should I replace my bras?

Replacing Bras

No matter how hard we try, our bras can’t stay with us forever. Time will come when we have to dispose of them and buy a new bra. According to lingerie experts, bras should be replaced every six to twelve months, but this advice only applies to the bras you use on a daily basis. Remember that bras are meant to support your breasts, and worn-out bras can no longer perform this function.

What is the best way to wash my bra?

Washing Your Bras

There are bras that are machine-washable, but before throwing them into the washing machine, be sure to read the care instructions on the tag first. If your bra is machine-washable, be sure to fasten the bra closure before washing to prevent the ends of the bra from getting tangled. Better yet, use lingerie bag, which makes it easier for you to separate your bras from other clothing items.

Lingerie Facts: Why Do Women Wear Bras?

Laced BraEven before Mary Phelps Jacobs invented her “backless brassiere” in 1914, women have already been wearing undergarments to support and cover their breasts. The Cretan women of ancient Greece were considered as the first to wear bras which were made from linen or wool; they were also the first to wear corsets under their ceremonial dresses.  Since a woman’s breasts are mostly made up of fat tissues, it needs an external supporting structure to keep them from sagging or bouncing. Bras have long been part of a woman’s lingerie collection but a survey has revealed that over 90% of women wear them without ever asking why. So what’s in bra and why do women need to wear them?

The most common reason why women wear bras is because they believe their breasts need to be supported. However, a recent study made by Dr. Susan M. Love in her Breast Book, she concluded that wearing bras isn’t necessity. However, for women with large breasts and also those with medium-sized ones, they may really need support especially when they are engaged in active sports or even when jogging. In order for women to achieve maximum support, they need to wear comfortable bras that fit them greatly.

Black BraAnother common reason why women wear bras is because they felt indecent without them. Quite contrary to what most people believe that women wore bras to emphasize the sexuality of their breasts, most women actually consider wearing them as a modest covering for their breasts. Women also wear bras because of society’s norms. The rule of society has a lot to say about us and we usually follow what it dictates us without asking why. Since wearing a bra has been part of our society’s dress code, women conform to it without even inquiring why. Therefore, wearing bras is actually an unspoken rule of the society that most women diligently obey.

Nipples that poke through clothing are also another common reason why women find it necessary to wear bras. Since our society considers nipples that are visible in a woman’s clothes as indecent or inappropriate, women really need to wear bras. Nipples that poke through are also viewed by most people as a wardrobe malfunction. It is quite confusing however, how society finds poking nipples of women as indecent but never labeled men’s nipples that way. But still, we follow society’s unspoken rule and women have to wear bras to cover her nipples.

Bra BackWhen a woman is usually involved in activities that are strenuous, she would really need to wear bras to keep her breasts in place and comfortable. Jogging while your breasts bounce makes for a pretty painful experience. To avoid this, you should wear a sports bra. There are varied reasons why women wear bra and some of these reasons are quite unbelievable, but wearing a bra is a choice that every women is free to make. As long as she is comfortable with the choice she makes, there is no problem whether she decides to wear bra or go braless.

Bra Facts: Getting Support and Lift without the Wire

Weight issues, giving birth, natural selection—whatever the reason is, there are just women who unfortunately have sagging breasts. The good news is that there are bras that can help you solve this problem if you’re one of those women with “sad” breasts. It has been said that there are probably as many kinds of bra as the women who wear them. With such a huge number of bras, it just isn’t possible for you not to find at least one type of bra that can successfully lift your breasts and give them a perkier appearance.

Underwire Bra

Now, when you hear the words “lift” and “breasts” uttered in the same breath, you probably get an image of a woman wearing an underwire bra in mind, right? What you may not realize is that it isn’t necessary to buy an underwire bra if you’re after lift and support. In fact, there are many wireless bras available that offer excellent support, even for full-breasted women. Remember that the support you get from your bra comes primarily from the band, not the cups, which is why it isn’t really necessary to have underwire for support.

Seamless Wireless Bra

If you feel that an underwire makes the bra too uncomfortable to wear, you’d do well to find a bra that isn’t wired, but still designed to lift your breasts and provide ample support. Such a bra will usually have a wide band under the breasts and cups that are cut in a way that makes them push your breasts inwards and upwards. For the ultimate comfort and a smooth silhouette, you may want to consider buying a seamless wireless bra. Aside from helping you avoid the discomfort of an underwire, this type of bra also prevents unsightly seams from showing through your clothing, especially when you’re wearing a top made of thin material.

 White Seamless Bra

The good news for you is that there is a wide range of wireless bras with double support available. These bras are often made of cool, stretch cotton fabric. It is therefore not just the absence of an underwire, but the type of fabric itself that makes the bra very comfortable to wear. You might wonder how this type of bra can offer extra support and lift without the wire. Well, the cups of this bra are made with extra boning to give you that youthful, perky look. But don’t take my word for it; try it on and see for yourself!

The Proper Way to Wear and Take Care of Contact Lenses

Wearing Contact Lenses

A certain level of responsibility is required to keep up with the maintenance of wearing contact lenses. A wearer, for his own safety, must always make it a point to clean and disinfect his contact lenses thoroughly and store them properly. Apart from avoiding any risk of infections and eye irritations, proper contact lens care is also necessary in order to preserve the quality of the device. Thankfully, the method is actually quite simple. In fact, it will be a no-brainer task once the person gets used to it.

Eye care specialists and contact lens manufacturers have come up with new products that would make it easier for their consumers to take care of their contact lenses. Way back, everyone who wore contact lenses needed to stock up on several products for cleaning their lenses. Apart from that, some of them may also require the use of additional enzyme tablets just to keep their eyes healthy and their contact lenses safe. Nowadays, people can simply purchase a single bottle of multipurpose solution to do the entire job.

 Contact Lens Case And Solution

The availability of multipurpose solutions however, doesn’t excuse people from being careless about purchasing just about any type of solution. There are various types of multipurpose solutions available. Not everything works for everyone. So, when buying cleaning products for contact lenses, it is still important to take note of your own preferences and particular needs.

Some cleaning products contain hydrogen peroxide. These solutions do an effective job at cleaning contact lenses. However, there are some people who are sensitive to this kind of preservative. If you find that you might be sensitive to such ingredients then it’s better for you to go for preservative-free systems. For the same reason, contact lenses should not come into contact with other potentially harmful substances such as soaps, skin moisturizers, hair spray and other types of cosmetic products. While these products won’t necessarily damage the lenses, they can irritate the eye and cause several problems.

 Cleaning Contact Lens

Apart from choosing the right type of solutions for contact lens care, choosing the right storage device is also important. Contact lenses need to be shut tight inside a secure case when not in use. The lens case should also be cleaned and disinfected daily. Ideally, it is best to change lens cases at least once every three months.

If you just can’t be bothered with all the cleaning and disinfecting, you can always choose the more expensive option which is to wear daily disposable contact lenses.

The Different Types of Contact Lens Features

Contact Lens

Contact Lenses are among the simplest yet most helpful medical devices around. In a way, they can help improve a wearer’s daily life. For that reason, a lot of people have started using them more often. However, people do suffer from different types of eyesight problems. And there is no single type of contact lens that can effectively solve all of those. To cater to the various needs of people, eye care specialists and manufacturers have devised different types of contact lenses with different features.

If you are suffering from any sort of vision problems, you can consult a licensed eye care specialist in order to pin down the problem and help you choose the right solution. However, if you are curious as to what the different types of contact lenses there are available then read on.

Some people are prone to suffer from a serious case of dry eyes when they are made to wear contact lenses. Since it’s not entirely advisable to keep on using eye drops, eye care specialist instruct them to opt for contact lenses that are designed to keep the eyes from drying.

 Common Eye Problem Astigmatism

Apart from dry eyes, another common eye problem is astigmatism. Normally, people who suffer from astigmatism are advised to wear glasses. However, eyeglass wear is not exactly the most convenient option for some people. If they’d rather use contact lenses instead, they can go for bifocal contact lenses. This type of lenses is ideal for correcting both astigmatism and presbyopia.

Another type of contact lens that can correct presbyopia is the scleral lens. These lenses are larger in diameter as compared to other types. They are gas permeable and are primarily designed to treat various corneal irregularities such as keratoconus.

People who are frequently exposed to the sun and are looking for additional sun protection can go for UV-inhibiting lenses. These lenses are best for protecting the eyes against the leading cause of cataracts: the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

 Myopia Control Lenses

In addition, the market is also coming up with a special type of contact lens that could help slow down the progression of myopia among children. These are called myopia control contacts. These contacts are a good option for parents who would love to protect their children from developing nearsightedness due to their constant use of technology.

Also, people who just want to use contact lenses to enhance or change their eye color can choose either regular colored lenses or special effect lenses. Whichever they choose is actually safe just as long as they still remember to obtain a prescription from a reliable eye doctor before they purchase a pair.

How Your Eyes Can Benefit from a Good Pair of Contact Lenses

People suffering from various types of eye problems can now choose from a wide range of solutions. If they want to fix the problem permanently and have enough means to do so, they can choose to have LASIK eye surgery. Most people are not comfortable with this option so they prefer the more traditional type which is to simply wear a pair of eyeglasses. However, those who want a more convenient solution opt to have their eyes fitted for a pair of contact lenses.

 Laser Eye

Much like a pair of eyeglasses, contact lenses can be an effective solution to alleviate common vision problems such as astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness. In the US, roughly twenty percent of the total number of people who suffer from such problems have chosen to wear contact lenses. If you want to join in the bandwagon, here are the most important things you need to keep in mind.

If you feel like your eyesight is deteriorating and that you might start needing a pair of eyesight correcting devices to help you through your days, then the most sensible thing for you to do is to visit an eye care specialist. An eye doctor will provide you with the right diagnosis along with a prescription to help you find the best solution for your problems. As with pharmaceutical products, the US considers contact lenses as important medical commodities and would require every consumer to have a prescription before they are able to purchase a pair.

 Contact Lens

The eye care professional helps pinpoint the problem for you and provide you with the best type of lens to suit your needs and eye dimensions. The market is cluttered with all sorts of contact lenses. However, they are mainly categorized according to how they are made, what they are made of, how long you can wear them and how often should they be replaced.

When classified according to their material, contact lenses can come in three different types. First, you have the soft lenses, the ones made from hydrogels. This soft water-filled sheet of plastic are designed to allow oxygen to pass through and reach the cornea.

Another type of lenses is one made from rigid, waterless sheets of plastics known as the Oxygen Permeable lenses or the RGP lenses. They are the best option for people suffering from severe astigmatism and presbyopia.

 Oxygen Permeable Lenses

There are also lenses that do not allow oxygen to pass through to the eye. These lenses are made from a hard type of plastic called PMMA. Due to their suffocating nature, these lenses are hardly prescribed by doctors nowadays.

How to Cosplay Baymax from Big Hero 6

Baymax Big Hero 6

After the huge hit that was Frozen, Walt Disney Pictures enjoys another huge animated feature success with their latest film, Big Hero 6. It is the first Disney film to feature Marvel Comics characters. Big Hero 6 made its first theatrical premier at the Tokyo International Film Festival and the Abu Dhabi Film Festival in 3D. The movie’s United States and international premier dates are on November 6 and 7, 2014, respectively.

The most popular character and mascot for the film is the cute, fat robot called Baymax. Both his default and armored versions are perfect for fans who want to portray the character in cosplay events. Before you attempt to portray this big robot, you may want to keep the following in mind:

About the Character

Baymax is an inflatable robot built and designed by Tadashi Hamada. He is programmed to be a healthcare companion. Unlike other robots, Baymax only has one perspective, and that is to help people, especially the movie’s protagonist, Hiro Hamada.

Big Hero 6

Character Size and Accuracy Matters

The perfect Baymax cosplay has to be big and tall, just like its movie counterpart. You need to make sure that you are taller than the convention goers to completely impress them with your cosplay. Though making Baymax based on your size is alright, it will be a whole lot better for you to make your costume a lot taller than normal.

Materials to Use

Since Baymax is considered armored cosplay, you can try using EVA foam, Wonderflex, craft foam, Worbla, Fiberglass, resin, and similar materials. You may use cyanoacrylate adhesives and hot glue to stick the parts together. You may also want to consider using heat guns and similar power tools.

A word of advice: when it comes to cosplay armor, do not use any metal sheet material like aluminum, tin, etc. Remember that these materials are sharp and could possibly to hurt you and other convention goers.

Baymax Armor

Sketch It Out

Once you have gathered enough reference pictures for your Baymax cosplay, you’d do well to sketch each part before commencing the actual making of the costume. The key is to sketch the base parts of the character and just worry about the details later. Sketch each body part in individual sheets of paper to make blueprints or armor patterns. Cut these patterns out and trace them on the material that you’ll be using for your armor.

Using LEDs

This can add detail to your Baymax cosplay, especially if you plan to cosplay the armored version. If you have a hard time deciding on the materials to use to make it easy to add LED lights to your armor, it may be best to seek help from a professional electrician. Be sure to purchase the right wires with the right light voltages.

Never Hesitate to Seek Help

The good thing about cosplay is that it’s best done with other people. You can ask help from other cosplayers in your area. That way, your Baymax cosplay will be completed in time for that epic cosplay event or hobby convention.

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